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At Pelham Vision Center, we specialize in providing personal and comprehensive eye care for each of our patients. Our doctors and staff are passionate about eye health and use leading edge technology to enhance, preserve and protect your vision for life. Pelham Vision Center’s standard of care incorporates proactive testing to assess your risk for developing eye diseases, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. We utilize only high quality lenses in our glasses and offer the most exclusive frame lines in the Upstate. All of our sunglasses offer 100% UV protection.

If you are interested in seeing a doctor that cares about preserving your vision and preventing eye disease, we welcome you to our practice.


Review of the Week: I always enjoy visiting your office. Very professional and pleasant. M.L.


Eye Health Tip of the Month: Children are susceptible to a host of vision and eye problems such as injury, infection and increased nearsightedness. In support of Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month in August, Pelham Vision Center provides information to the public that can help protect and preserve a child’s eye health for life. Babies, children and teenagers have different eye health needs than adults. Some problems, like amblyopia, that can be treated in babies and young children, become irreversible once a child is older. Also, once a child’s best eyesight is established, it’s crucial to protect their sight from injury. Call to schedule your child for their annual eye exam today to learn more!

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End of Summer Eyeglass Sale

End of Summer Sunglass Sale

Thursday, August 4th

8:30 am- 5:30 pm

We have sunglasses for all ages, prescription and non-prescription, so make sure you stop by to pick up sunglasses for the whole family!


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